Luisa Neves Soares

Director and Visual Artist, based in Portugal


She explores artistic universes that connects to the creation of objects and three-dimensional pieces, to the Installation and intervention in physical spaces, while intervening in the field of image photographic or filmic.

In cinematographic creation, approaches and explores the connection between Art and Cinema, focusing and investigating a universe of creation that transits between a Documentary and Experimental languages.

She has a degree in Fine Arts-Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, Master in Cinema from the University of Beira Interior, and PhD student in Film Studies at the University of Coimbra.

She is currently developing research and creation in the field of author's documentary filmmaking, directing and producing films,  while continuing to explore, develop and intervene in the universe of artistic creation and visual arts.

Co-founder of IODO, an organization dedicated to disclosure, production, agency and representation, and also a space for reflection about documentary photography and film.


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