Trama | Plot

Documentary short 21 minutes


"I let myself go. I am going through spaces, feeling the echoes, listening to the memories.

I hold people shaped into a file, I feel the cold and the emptiness of the factories that remained alone.

I build images, I look for senses. I make a choice. The feminine side of machines. From here on the plot begins to be woven."


Director: Luisa Neves Soares

Research, Art Direction and Cinematography: Pedro Sousa Raposo

Music Composer: Rodrigo Raposo


"I am interested in thinking of this film as an object of creation in a broader sense, not needing to categorize it or label it.

It happens as a reflection of my vision of a reality, and of the full assumption of the personal perspective of that approach, based on the mixture of possibilities and artistic languages that populate my imagination.

There is the choice assumed from a point of view, from a way of looking at a certain reality, to think, structure and show it to others.

It's a film that focuses on people above all. In matters of memory, file, local identity, and connection to an industry that relocated.

I look at the mechanical and industrial relationship seen on the feminine side.

The relationship to which they usually give the man-machine name, here transposed into the woman-machine interface, in a more complex sense than only the immediate and mechanical connection of the day to day, and the execution of a function.

I run routines and memories as a way of approaching the history of a region.

I look through the eyes of the workers, the many women who worked in the now-ruined factories.

They are the mirror of a reality, of a community, and representatives of a collective memory that brings everyone together regardless of gender issues. "



Best Film UBICinema 2014

Best Film and Best Documentary  (MIFEC 2015)

Best Documentary Short  Figueira Film Art 2015

Honourable Mention for Best Photography  Figueira Film Art 2015

Best Original Soundtrack Figueira Film Art 2015

Best Portuguese Short Arquiteturas Film Festival 2015



Official Selections:


Cine Eco 2014 ( special screening) PT

UBICinema 2014 (PT)

Prémio Sophia Estudante 2015 (PT)

MIFEC 2015 (PT)

Figueira Film Art 2015 (PT)

Vistacurta Viseu 2015 (PT)

Arquiteturas Film Festival 2015 (PT)

KIMFF 2015 (Nepal)

Caminhos do Cinema Português 2015 (Essays) PT

Fest Espinho (2016) PT

PIMFF 2016 (Paquistão)

Shortcutz Vila Real (2017) PT

Shortcutz Porto (2017) PT

Mostra CineAvante (2017) PT

Mostra Cinema de Mulheres que Falam Português (2017) RJ (Brasil)


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